Rxinbox for Pharmacies

Why do Pharmacies join Rxinbox?

Link between Patients and Pharmacies.

Rxinbox links patients and pharmacies. It provides a platform for pharmacies to directly link with patients, maintain and retain its customers.

Correct Prescription.

Rxinbox enables pharmacies to scan and verify the written prescription and provide the correct prescribed medicine.

Patient Record.

Rxinbox enables pharmacies to keep record of their patients through a unique ID, and keep track of patient’s medicine history. Patients telephone number, NIC, or Rxinbox’s generated ID will be used to keep track of the patient.

Online Order.

Partient can easily order online his/her medicine. This saves time and energy of the patient. Online ordering of medicine will increase revenue and profits.

Home Delivery.

Rxinbox enable pharmacies to deliver medicines to home to their patients. This will increase customer satisfaction which means repeat customers.

Legal Prescription.

Pharmacies can verify the prescribed medicines from doctors. This avoids all sort of illegal prescriptions. Pharmacies will compliance with drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan.

Improve Customer Relationship

Through Rxinbox you can keep record of patient’s prescription history. You can remind your customer about their medicine course pack.

Free Advertisement

A single registration enables a pharmacy to advertise itself free of cost.

Increase Customer Base

More customer reach through online orders and access to remote areas. This will elevate recognition and increase customer reach.

We're the beginning of a better healthcare experience.

Be available 24/7 Rxinbox appointments can be booked after-hours.

How it works