Behind every doctor is a great Medical Technologist.

Increase customer services by increasing your interaction with Patients and Doctors.

Why do laboratories join Rxinbox?

Connectivity with Doctors.

Get lab report request straight from doctors to your Rxinbox panel.

Connectivity with Patients.

Get lab reports online to patients and their consultants.

Reduce Overheads.

Get the reports straight to doctors & patients, Spend that time of patient revist and new patients.

Strengthening your reputation.

Get recommendation by doctors and increase your reputation amongst patients.

Less Administration & more work.

With an easy to use panel managing referrals and incoming requests are easily managed.

Capture more feedback.

Patients can give rating to Doctor which will enhance their popularity.

Improve Visibility

Get your laboratory online for patients to search.

Keep doctors updated

Keep doctors and patients updated with your services.

Easy to use

Designed keeping ease of use, Rxinbox offers laboratories an easy to use panel.

We're the beginning of a better healthcare experience.

Be available 24/7 Rxinbox appointments can be booked after-hours.

How it works