Your practice made perfect.

From attracting new patients to reducing no-shows, Rxinbox helps you be the best doctor you can be.

Why do doctors join Rxinbox?

Building Relationships.

Strengthening Patient-Doctor relationsip via Rxinbox-from simple booking and custom reminders to seamless online check-in.

Attract the patients you need.

Your Rxinbox profile is customized with your insurances, the procedures you offer, and your real-time availability.

Increase Rebooking

Through online booking patients can rebook their appointments. Rebooking is made simple, choose same specialty and same practice..

Improve Attendance

Rxinbox reminds you your appointments through SMS.

High Reimbursements

Rxinbox patients are commercially insured, or pay with cash.

Connecting with Patients

Rxinbox connects patients and doctors.

Maximize your availability.

Fill last-minute openings in your calendar caused by cancellations and shifting schedules. With Rxinbox, you're there for your patients when they need you.

Strengthening your reputation.

Rxinbox protects and enhances your web presence with verified reviews from real patients.

Accommodate urgent needs

The typical Rxinbox patient sees a doctor within 24 hours.

Be available 24/7

Rxinbox appointments can be booked after-hours.

Capture more feedback

Patients can give rating to Doctor which will enhance their popularity.

Get verified reviews

The average provider has 40 ratings after one year on Rxinbox.

We're the beginning of a better healthcare experience.

How Patients Find You.